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FG Gubellini

FG Gubellini designs and manufactures all of its products wholly in Italy, with a portfolio of over 30,000 items.

It remains, by choice, a small company with high quality standards: the Research and Development department employs cutting-edge design technologies, even though the importance of human intervention is prioritized.

FG Gubellini and its creator, Franco Gubellini, have come a long way since 1978. Easels and garage equipment were first manufactured in the 1980s, and suspensions were added in the following decade. It is vital to gain certain know-how in order to purpose high-quality merchandise, and Franco Gubellini chose to engage in contests.

FG Gubellini has achieved outstanding results in the sporting arena, demonstrating the value of "made in Italy" technology: it has won 82 Italian championships, 6 European championships, and 2 World championships in various motorbike categories.

Races were not only a great source of inspiration for new ideas, but they were also a vital testing ground for racing suspensions; every of the victories contributed to the company's production, which became increasingly focused on the demands of the most ardent clients.

In terms of the five continents market, the company is currently in a strong position. It has forged partnerships with some of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers, including Ducati, Triumph, MV Agusta, Bimota, DM Telai, and GRC.

FG Gubellini is always working on two fronts in 2015: a continual expansion of the product portfolio to suit the most diverse motorcycles and, in the meantime, a parallel service of direct assistance for Team Partners on the racing track.

FG Gubellini sticks to its philosophy: every motorcyclist is a pilot, and as a pilot, he need a unique cycle that is tailored to his needs. As a result of this goal, the company offers a diverse selection of products as well as direct client engagement, both of which are carefully considered in order to achieve maximum personalization and happiness, something never seen before.

What we have to offer:
A large selection of items from FG Gubellini
On the track, I've had a lot of experience and hence we bring quality products for our customers.
Customer service that is qualified
Products tailored to any motorcycle
Various rules and restrictions for a personal setup
The identical products that are used on the racetrack.

2to4wheels is proud to bring quality products for our North America clients and peeps.

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