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KW Suspension

An In-Depth Look at KW Suspensions Height Adjustable Springs

Give your car a height adjustable lowering spring with KW Suspensions' (H.A.S) Height Adjustable Springs! These innovative and customisable kits allow you to achieve the perfect look for all roads and rides.
Looking to give your car a lower, sportier stance? KW Suspensions' (H.A.S) Height Adjustable Spring kits are the perfect choice! Easily adaptable to all roads and rides, these innovative kits will give you the control you need over your car's look while being gentle on its suspension.

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KW Suspensions' Height Adjustable Springs are the perfect combination of innovation and customisation. With this height adjustable spring, you can get the exact look you want from any road or ride, allowing your car to be adjusted according to its needs. They also feature a unique multi-tension system which allows for safe yet effective changes in height and rebound rate that ensures optimized performance even during spirited driving. Furthermore, these springs have been tested for long term stability and durability so you know that no matter how hard you push your car's limits, it'll never let you down!

What are KW Suspensions H.A.S Height Adjustable Springs?
KW Suspensions H.A.S Height Adjustable Springs are designed to provide a personalized height solution for your car while still providing a safe, reliable ride. With this adjustable spring kit, you can customize the look of your car and ensure that it is optimized for whatever type of terrain or driving style you are using. The unique multi-tension system allows for safe yet effective changes in both height and rebound rate, making sure that you get the precise results you’re looking for. With its long term stability and durability tested and backed by KW Suspensions, no matter what road or ride you take on, you know your car will always be up to the challenge.

What Benefits Do They Offer?
KW Suspensions H.A.S Height Adjustable Springs offers many benefits to drivers who want a safe and reliable ride. With the adjustable spring system, you can customize the height of your car for different roads and driving styles with ease. Additionally, due to its multi-tension system, you are able to adjust both height and rebound rate safely and effectively. Furthermore, the spring's durability is tested and backed by KW Suspensions so you can be sure that your car will always be up to any task or terrain it’s faced with.

How Do I Install Them?
Installing KW Suspensions H.A.S Height Adjustable Springs is a relatively straightforward process. All necessary components are included in the kit and installation takes roughly 2-3 hours when handled by a professional mechanic. To install, the existing springs must be removed and the adjustable system is put into place with all new parts provided. Once everything is in place, the tension and height of your ride can be adjusted easily with the provided adjustment knob to tailor it to your individual preferences and needs.

Are Warranty Services Available?
Yes, KW Suspensions does offer a limited lifetime warranty on all its H.A.S. Height Adjustable Springs. This warranty covers the defectiveness of parts or poor craftsmanship when used under normal driving conditions, and is valid for the lifetime of the product. Should you experience any problems with your springs, please contact KW’s customer support representatives to arrange inspection and rectification at no extra cost to you.

About KW Suspensions

KW Automotive has been successfully operating in all markets for over 25 years, offering a vast independent aftermarket suspension portfolio, state-of-the-art production technologies, a development center, and a test facility. The owner-managed business has created over 16 distinct damping technologies in recent years to live up to its slogan, "The right suspension for every demand." For each application, the adaptable KW suspensions product line is separated into three categories: "Street Comfort," "Street Performance," and "Track Performance." Sporty drivers rely on KW coilovers, which have a wide range of damping options, and height-adjustable spring sets, as well as the Nürburgring Nordschleife-tested KW Clubsport coilovers, which have received road approval and part certification.


Motorsport and industry partner
The German company, which serves as a development partner for complex regulated suspension systems, possesses a full range of hydraulic, electronic, sensor, control unit, and damper controls in addition to the necessary expertise for the implementation and calibration of sophisticated dynamic chassis control systems. KW Automotive is active in the original equipment of special models and super sports cars of the automotive industry in addition to its core business, the development and production of manually and adaptively adjustable coilovers and other suspension components for the aftermarket as well as the accessories program of various car manufacturers in the premium segment.

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