O.Z Racing Wheels

OZ is an Italian business with a multibrand marketing strategy and a worldwide distribution. Light alloy wheels are sold through a global network of branches and certified sales partners. Its main offices and production facilities are in Italy (San Martino di Lupari, Padua). OZ represents Italian expertise in the wheel industry and is a significant supplier to several industries, including motorcycling, aftermarket, racing (F1, Rally, DTM, Indy, etc.), OEM, and special projects for luxury automakers.

"Produce top-notch goods for customizing cars and motorcycles using the upholding claims like "Italian flavor," "racing tradition," and "guaranteed quality.""

Excellence: The finest answer in terms of research, technology, design, quality, and value is what OZ promises to provide.

Italian ancestry: The history of the Italian automobile industry includes OZ. OZ wheels are a representation of Italian taste, fashion sense, elegance, art, and culture.

Racing knowledge: The wheel brand with the most titles worldwide is OZ. a solid understanding that OZ has gained in the aftermarket industry.

Total Excellence: OZ exclusively makes TUV-certified items, even where local laws don't require it. Only a few wheel manufacturers use the LBF Biaxal Machine, including OZ.

OZ was founded in 1971, and its love of wheels has helped it grow into a legend in the automobile industry.
OZ's position as the industry leader has been secured by the triumphs we have shared with some of the most recognizable names in racing and by our constant pursuit of excellence.

OZ manufactures alloy wheels for the most competitive car markets, including racing (F1, Rally, DTM, Indy. ), aftermarket, motorbike, and OEM with specialized equipment for the most expensive vehicles. OZ satisfies the unique specifications of high-end automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus, and McLaren, to mention a few.

These collaborations have led to unique concepts and incredibly advanced wheels with exceptional design.
In the realm of racing, OZ is a byword for triumph, and the statistics bear this up.

OZ has participated in Formula 1 since 1985 and the World Rally Championship since 1988. It has won more than 150 championships. Today, OZ is the brand most frequently seen on racing automobiles.

1987. OZ sets up the “Racing Wheels” award, with the aim of identifying emerging talent in motor racing. Gordon Murray (1988), Carlos Sainz (1990), Michael Schumacher (1991), Jacques Villeneuve (1994) and…

Lean thinking, a successful strategy for the horizontal process flow that promotes teamwork and the exchange of new ideas, is where the OZ creative model starts with operational structure of the business.

The recipe for a successful and long-lasting contribution to the OZ project as a whole includes continuous development, greater efficiency, enhanced stock availability ('just in time'), compliance with leading quality standards, and the value of human resources.

Through talent sharing and, subsequently, the restructuring of the manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales service processes, the Lean Organization ideology or Lean Thinking processes have become the driving force behind our operations.
The pooling of expertise inside these multi-layered, complicated processes enables waste reduction and leasing industry efficiency.

In Formula 1, OZ wins the third consecutive world title with Red Bull Racing after the extraordinary victories of 2010 and 2011. Moreover, the top three drivers on the table (Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen) all race on OZ wheels.

2012. In Formula 1, OZ wins the third consecutive world title with Red Bull Racing after the extraordinary victories of 2010 and 2011. Moreover, the top three drivers on the table…

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Products: 112 of 22