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Accossato Racing


Accossato radial master cylinders are characterized by a powerful braking and a reduced passive section of the braking, in fact every component is designed to ensure the reduction of the passive part of the lever, during braking by more than 50%, compared to any other radial master cylinder. The feeling with the lever is immediate and the braking is always powerful, decisive and uncompromising. The wide choice of customization, inox screws cnc worked and holder out of alignment to reduce the movement of the master cylinder itself during braking, make the Accossato brake master cylinders a unique product. All master cylinders have the quality of "made in Italy", before being mounted and placed on the market, all off them are controlled and tested in every part.


Highly versatile and aluminium CNC-made, the Accossato throttle control is the result of a study carried out directly on the racing fields. They are characterized primarily by their functionality, extreme lightness and adaptability. Depending on the models, the kit is composed of 2 outer shells, available in various colors, 3 internal cams in ergal CNC-made with different diameter (40-43-45 mm) that allow to make the control more or less fast, from racing grips of different models and specific cable kits for your bike. There is the possibility to reduce the time of replacement of the throttle control, by purchasing the quick release Accossato.


The full clutch is exclusive patented by Accossato: unique in its category, in addition to the "click" adjustment of the clutch cable, the clutch control also boasts the adjustment of the handle distance from the handle to the grip. It’s available in various models and different colors. The choice of different distances allows to adapt the clutch control to the driver’s driving needs.


Racing standard clip on: available in two colors ( black and silver ) , with the ability to be ordered at no extra cost with the tube in the following colors : Silver , Black, Gold , Blue, Red , Green , Orange. Handlebars clamp are made of forged aluminum , CNC machined with 4-axis machines . The quick release system , allows more rapid replacement than the traditional ones . The available diameters available for these handlebars are : 50mm - 51mm - 52mm - 53mm . inclination tube is 10 °. -


The radial calipers are made, entirely in Italy, using the best technologies and materials on the market. A clear example of this technology is the structure of the clamps made of monobloc and machined with 5-axis CNC machines. The shape of the clamps has been realized by carrying out complex CAD studies, to ensure the least possible weight, the optimal level of rigidity of the body and the best heat dissipation capacity generated by braking. During mechanical processing, the clamp body is 100% controlled by three-dimensional laboratory machines; in the next phase, the product is oxidized through a special treatment in hard oxide, which gives it a prolonged resistance over time.
The pistons of the calipers are, depending on the models, of two different materials: titanium or aluminum. Possible distances are 108 mm, 100 mm or 60 mm.


The Accossato ”Ready to brake “ master cylinder is the lastest creation of the Accossato Technicians. This product it is the evolution of all existing master cylinder on the national and international market, as well as having all characteristics of master cylinder of the classic Accossato product this is an item with the fastest braking ever, from here the name “Ready to Brake”. Any model has a reduced braking without requiring any kind of regulation, the passive braking section is reduced to the minimum necessary and the absence of integrated systems for the reduction of the braking implies a drastic reduction of the weight of the master cylinder . Technical Details: - Reduced braking with “ready to brake” system - Master cyllinder opening clamp with quick release - Holder out of alignment in order to reduce the master cylinder movement during the braking - Integrated switch - Inox screws - Folding lever - Weight 350 gr

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