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Bren Tuning

BrenTuning, LLC is a high-performance automobile facility founded on a team of experts with significantly different skill sets and knowledge bases that handle all aspects of performance, racing, and maintenance. Each member of our team, from our sales team to our in-house calibrator and lead technician, has a long history, portfolio, and a wealth of detailed knowledge in repair and racing with all of the vehicle platforms that we support. When we're not at work, we're testing and supporting our global racing vehicles at the track.

From general scheduled repair of all modern cars (with a specialization in performance / racing cars) to a custom fuel system upgrade for a race ready BMW M3, or deep diagnostics of a 800HP 4 cylinder engine, our team can tackle the project and offer you a solution. While we focus on performance, we also do routine maintenance and OEM level repair work. We invest in all the latest tooling and diagnostic equipment, along with OEM factory scan tools for the cars we service. We also have rental cars on site.

Brentune Moto has tuned several motorcycles to maximize their performance.

2to4wheels is proud to offer all Brentuning tuners to the buyers worldwide.

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