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K&N Engineering

K&N® Engineering also commonly known as "KNN" has been a market leader in automotive filtration (car filters and motorcycle filters) and technology for more than 50 years, providing consumers all over the world with solutions that improve performance, protection, and longevity in countless vehicle applications.

Two motorcycle racers, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N), came up with a revolutionary new design for an air filter in the early 1960s that could withstand the demands of dusty, unclean off-road settings. The original K&N High-Flow Air Filter was created after extensive testing with several types of filter media and the discovery that an oiled cotton design allowed the filter to not only trap impurities very well but also allow for washing and reuse. Five decades later, K&N is still developing industry-leading filtration technology and provides excellent protection for a wide range of vehicles, from commuter cars to top-fuel dragsters, all over the world.

With good cause, K&N Engineering air filters have earned the title of best filter in the world. Every air filter produced by K&N uses reusable cotton-gauze filter technology, which allows your engine to breathe more easily and produce greater power and efficiency. For almost any application, high flow air filters are available, and the majority of them come with K&N's Million-Mile warranty. Install a K&N cold-air intake kit if you're craving improved performance. Additionally, K&N produces accessories including wrench-off fuel filters, valve cover breathers, and oil filters for increased performance and longer engine life.

  • K&N Air Filters increase your horsepower by allowing more clean, unhindered air to flow into your engine. 
  • The KNN filters are perfectly matched to the year, make, and model of the engine in your car.
  • Filter uses entirely washable and reusable pleated and oiled cotton gauze.
  • Should be cleaned after every 50,000 kilometers
  • Reusability that is eco-friendly reduces waste and keeps filters out of landfills
  • Increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle so you can avoid going to the gas station

The staff at K&N has devoted themselves to setting the standard for high-quality filters in the automotive sector for more than 50 years. Their thorough investigation has produced cutting-edge designs that guarantee excellent performance and protection, extending the lifespan of your vehicle by years. Once fitted, a K&N Air Filter will immediately make a difference.

This filter enables your engine to breathe cool, clean air, improving combustion in the process and giving you noticeable, tangible increases in power and acceleration. Between two layers of aluminum wire, it is made up of four to six pleated sheets of premium cotton fabric that have been oiled and attached.

With clean air to burn with your fuel, this system successfully prevents dust and other pollutants from entering your engine, providing you a noticeable advantage.

By installing a K&N Performance Air Filter under your hood, you are also contributing to the environment. Because you don't toss a used air filter away, less garbage ends up in landfills. Simply take it out and clean it every 50,000 miles, and this filter will last as long as you own your car. With a 10-Year / Million Mile Warranty from K&N, you can give your vehicle a breath of fresh air for many years to come.

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