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Gilles Tooling

RACING. Gerhard Gilles, the company's founder, spent 10 years racing in various classes and concluded that ordinary components did not suit his needs. He wanted something better, and that was the start: Gerhard Gilles designed the first adjustable footrest devices for his racing motorbike. The rest of the paddock rapidly took note, and this was the next chapter in this happy narrative. As time went on, more and more technologies were developed to assist other drivers. So, following his racing career, Gerhard Gilles had a clear idea of what he intended to accomplish. GILLES was created in 2000 with the goal of combining a passion for racing with a high degree of technical expertise and experience. As a result, the first multi-variable footrest system, the AS31GT, was developed and manufactured. At the same time, with this initial product, a vibrant firm was born, which today distributes a diverse variety of items all over the world. GILLES is happy to be a supplier for BMW Motorrad, Yamaha, and Suzuki, as well as a number of other satisfied clients throughout the world.

Management of quality GILLES takes steps to ensure that the highest customer expectations are met. Our products emphasize design and uniqueness, giving each motorbike a distinct appearance. Appropriate, dependable, and efficient procedures are valued, and they are also monitored. Continuous improvements in all business areas, staff skill development, result in the greatest possible supply of products with unique selling features to our target groups and markets. The company expansion necessitated a shift to a new office facility in 2016. TÜV, OEM, and KBA certifications ensure that GILLES products comply with all applicable legal requirements. GILLES has been accredited to ISO 9001 and ABE standards.

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