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Rizoma was born out of a challenge: to bring style and design to an industry in which the product was seen as just a spare part.

Back in 2001 Fabrizio Rigolio was set a challenge by a friend who wanted a unique accessory he could fit to his own bike.

Along with his brother, Fabio, he created a mirror that would immediately acquire legendary status among motorcycle enthusiasts. Riding the crest of the wave, the two brothers gave their creativity free rein, producing ever-more striking products.

Within a few years, after establishing a base in Italy and setting up the first workshops overseas, Fabrizio and Fabio began focusing on what they believed made the difference in this business: design. 

Today, the Rizoma brand is renowned worldwide. It expresses its own unique viewpoint and reinterprets how materials are used by nurturing unique projects in which Italian manufacturing and design merge and strengthen each other.

"They say that a product is born in a factory, whereas a brand is born in the mind"

Everything is fluid, so if you're looking to redesign something, you will inevitably have to think outside the box"

You never know where ideas are going to come from - sometimes they spring from everyday life, sometimes when you seek them, sometimes you'll hear something, sometimes you borrow them from other fields. Often, you'll be looking at an existing object and reflecting on the basic idea - then you develop it further and... bingo! Your intuition kicks in. This is why Fabrizio states: "you always start with one thing and end up with quite another".

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