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Sparco: The Brand That Changed the Racing Game

Get the competitive edge with Sparco's selection of racing gear! Shop our selection of race chairs, helmets, fire suits, steering wheels & more for tailored car racing experience.
Elevate your car racing game with top-tier Sparco gear! Find the right seats and accessories to help you achieve peak performance. Check out our exclusive range now!
Improve your car racing experience with official Sparco gear! Choose from a range of steering wheels, helmets, fire suits & other products that make you stand out on the track.

Sparco is a motorsport brand that specializes in high quality racing equipment. The company provides some of the best and most sought after products such as driving gloves, racing shoes, mud flaps, and shifter knobs. They are also well-known for their wide range of unique accessories for drivers, like steering wheels with quick release, eyelet bolt, pedals for cars and more. Additionally, they offer race car seats helmets, visors and fire suits to ensure a great racing experience. Sparco is an industry leader when it comes to seat solutions offering up gaming chairs like the Game Racer Chair and Office Gaming Chair designed for gamers of all levels. Their QRT Racing Kit features the Ultimate Race Sim Rig which helps make it possible to have race sims at home with its highly durable components built for comfort. All these essentials will help take your motorsport lifestyle to whole new level when combined with their racing suit sizes chart, weighted shift knobs and tools rolls!

Sparco is associated with a wide range of motorsports gear, from suits and gloves to helmets, accessories, and more. Car aficionados can get a racing seat, weighted shift knob, fire suit or quick release steering wheel for their vehicles. People engaged in motorsport activities can find protective clothing such as helmets with visors as well as racers’ shoes, seatbelts and fuel caps. Karting enthusiasts can also get items like towing straps and karting racing jackets. And gamblers will appreciate the range of game chairs suitable for racing simulators rigs available from this renowned brand.

Sparco is a renowned brand in the motorsports and racing world, offering a wide range of products. Their seat selection includes karting seats, race seats, racing simulator cockpits, sim racer cockpit and more! They also offer racing steering wheels, shifting knobs, car accessories such as license plate frames and mud flaps, and other items such as towing straps. Moreover, Sparco provides some exciting options for clothing in their race collection including light jackets, hood pins and fire suits. Finally, they’ve designed some stylish gas caps that lock and weighted shift knobs to enhance street racing performance.

1. Sparco Gaming Chair: This ergonomic gaming chair features adjustable armrests, a high-density foam seat cushion and backrest, adjustable lumbar support and an integrated headrest for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. It also has a durable steel frame with five complete 360° rotation wheels that make it easy to maneuver around the room. The design makes it look like you're sitting in a race car cockpit.
2. Sparco Racing Gear: Get ready to hit the track with Sparco racing gear! Sparco's line of racing gear includes helmets, driving suits, gloves and shoes designed to provide optimal protection at optimal speeds in any race condition. Whether your on the track or just playing your favorite racing sim game at home, these pieces of gear will have you feeling like a real one behind the wheel!
3. Racing Sim Rig: Up your sim racing game and become more immersed in your experience with a Sparco racing sim rig adaptation kit! This kit includes essential components such as force feedback systems, motion platforms and virtual reality goggles that will transport you into another world while conquering virtual courses from the comfort of your own home.  
4. Seat Risers: If your gaming room has low ceilings but you still want an executive feel for your simulator rig then look no further than Sparco seat risers! Their structure is designed to properly angle racer’s body position giving them easier access to steering wheel controls while ensuring maximum comfort during extended periods of time spent behind wheel.
5. Pedals and Wheel Kit: Elevate your driving simulation experience even further with a pedal assembly or steering wheel set from Sparco! Both of Modular designs allow customisation to fit existing furniture setups as well as creating unique combinations perfect for every individual user’s needs  whether they're experienced business racers or just getting started in simulation racing gamesThey both feature progressive friction technology so each action is accurately reflected on screen making it possible to feel drive changes and tyre behaviour throughout different tracks worldwide just how real racers do it Out in their cars!
6. Shifters & Handbrake Accessories: No race setup would be complete without some shifter and handbrake accessories from sparco! Manipulate gears off perfectly without fail thanks to its industrial grade material construction which maintains precision through months of competition wear-and-tear - now that's what we call professional gear for pros Only when performing at their utmost best will racers reach peak performance levels Here at sparro help make that possible
7. Protection Gear: Safety comes first no matter where you are With sparco’s line of protection gear now obtaining top safety ratings never been easier all items within this collection comprises superior grade materials produced by certified laboratories tested rigorous criteria Which ensures inside personnel procedures safeguard users against anything potentially threatening making sure everyone Wins

  • Sparco Stage Backpack

          Sparco Stage Backpack

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        • Sparco TOUR Rolling Duffel Bag

                Sparco TOUR Rolling Duffel Bag

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