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Passion for speed, technique, and design. Unquestionably. Above all things, however, is responsibility in coming up with creative solutions deserving of gaining the respect of motorcycle riders throughout time, as well as that unique perception of trust in clothing that combines protection, comfort, style, and utility. Tradition. Simply said, the SPIDI feeling. The ideas that characterize the sharing of knowledge among groups of people that operate in a community that is motivated by the development of innovative motorcycle safety equipment. more safe and comfortable, providing more comfort whether you're driving around town or taking the most daring road trip. Since 1977, we have been carefully developing products and processes. The next best step must constantly be taken, and most definitely not by focusing just on the market or appearance. This dedication on the part of motorcycle riders, the shared duty of increasing the bar for the product, and cooperation in efforts to increase safety will create a difference that will be noticed by those who, like us, share this unique dimension. The MOTORSPORT LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY knows about the brand Spidi. We personally too have seen riders in World SBK and MotoGP flaunting Spidi gear.

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