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Cabin Air Filters

The Complete Guide and list to buy Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Product Description: The K&N Cabin Air Filter helps to control airborne contaminants, delivering immediate protection and long-term value. It is electrostatically charged to grab and hold dust particles. Uniquely designed to replace your vehicle's stock cabin filter, this reusable design helps keep the interior of your car or truck clean and freshens incoming air. It also helps capture most mold, mildew, fungus, spores, bacteria and germs. When it gets dirty you can simply remove it and clean it with soap and water or using K&N Recharger® cleaning kit (sold separately). With a 10 year/1,000,000 mile limited warranty this K&N Cabin Air Filter will last.
- Electrostatic charges that lock in dust particles
- Reusable design for long term use
- Removes odors from the cabin
- Captures most mold, mildew, fungus, spores bacteria and germs.
- 10 year/1 million mile limited warranty
- Immediate protection with no hassle installation of the cabin air filter  
- Long term savings by being able to clean and reuse the cabin air filter when needed  
- Cleans incoming air while providing improved interior cabin comfort
- Safe breathing inside your vehicle while trapping harmful contaminants

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