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Sprint Filter Performance for Ferrari F40 / F355 / 456GT / 550 Maranello

        Sprint Filter Performance for Ferrari F40 / F355 / 456GT / 550 Maranello

        Sprint Filter Performance for Ferrari F40 / F355 / 456GT / 550 Maranello

        Looking to improve performance on your Ferrari? Check out this complete guide for how to enhance sprint filter performance specifically for the F40, F355, 550 Maranello, and 456GT models.!
        Sprint Filter air filters are a specialized, cutting-edge upgrade that can greatly enhance the performance of two of the most prestigious cars on the market: the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F355. Learn how these filters can reduce resistance and improve acceleration, as well as explore all of their benefits.

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        Sprint Filter
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        The Definitive Guide to Enhancing Sprint Performance in a Ferrari F40 / F355 / 550 Maranello / 456GT

        Looking to improve performance on your Ferrari? Check out this complete guide for how to enhance sprint filter performance specifically for the F40, F355, 550 Maranello, and 456GT models.
        Performance is a top priority when it comes to owning a Ferrari. To maximize sprint filter performance, the F40, F355, 550 Maranello, and 456GT models can be specifically tuned for maximum efficiency. From adjusting intake systems to optimizing exhausts, this comprehensive guide dives into the best ways for owners of these cars to enhance their speed and power output.

        Sprint Filter air filters are a specialized, cutting-edge upgrade that can greatly enhance the performance of two of the most prestigious cars on the market: the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F355. Learn how these filters can reduce resistance and improve acceleration, as well as explore all of their benefits.

        Check and Adjust Tire Pressure.
        Ensuring your car has the correct tire pressure can have a massive impact on performance. Being off by just a few psi can cause significant drag, meaning you won’t be able to take advantage of all the improvements made to your engine. Check and adjust your tire pressure regularly for maximum efficiency on the road.

        Check and Modify Wheel Alignment.
        Wheel alignment is essential for optimized sprint performance. Improper alignment can create drifting problems, making cornering harder, burning more tire and creating unnecessary drag against the wind. To ensure you get the best out of your car, check and modify wheel alignment as required, to ensure maximum tire grip when taking off or shifting down during a sprint.

        Upgrade Air Filters, Fuel Injection, Exhausts, and Other Engine Components For Maximum Performance Output.
        To increase your engine's power output and handling, upgrade air filters, fuel injection systems, exhausts, oil coolers, throttle bodies and other engine components. As you install the various performance parts, pay close attention to ensure correct fitment before installation. This will help optimize their performance so that you get the most out of your Ferrari when it comes to power and acceleration on the track.

        Consider the Effectiveness of an Aftermarket ECU Remapping or a Piggyback ECU Upgrade Option.
        ECU remapping is a great way to improve engine performance, even for older Ferrari models. An aftermarket ECU upgrade will allow you to take advantage of enhanced settings and mapping that increase power output. Alternatively, a piggyback ECU upgrade may provide some additional gains depending on the make and model of your car, as well as the performance parts installed. Before deciding on which option to choose, consider consulting with a professional tuner who has experience in this field.

        Install a Re-Programmable Chip Computer System to Automatically Mail Tune Your Exact Requirements of Power Delivery and Fuel Efficiency.
        Installing a re-programmable chip from an aftermarket supplier is the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your Ferrari's power output and fuel efficiency. This system will automatically fine tune the engine, depending on your exact requirements of power delivery and fuel efficiency. The process will also reduce emissions, increasing the lifetime value of your car's performance. Additionally, you can always adjust the settings based on race or street driving requirements.

        Advantages of Sprint Filter Air Filters for Aesthetic Enhancement.
        Installing Sprint Filter air filters on either the Ferrari F40 or Ferrari F355 can enhance their aesthetic beauty. Not only does the polyester filter element of the filter keep contaminants from penetrating its structure, but it also prevents wear and tear to engine parts, contributing to the longevity of your vehicle. Additionally, installing a Sprint Filter will elevate the appearance of your automotive pride and joy with its unique look that blends both form and function.

        Conclusion – Earn More Performance while Showcasing the Artist Design of the Car
        Sprint Filter’s air filters provide an optimal level of power, performance, and style perfect for the Ferrari. The refreshed look, high-end performance, and attention to detail are sure to turn heads wherever you go. High-performance driving experiences can be quickly and easily brought to life with Sprint Filters without compromising on vehicle aesthetics or design features normally found in luxury boasting cars such as the Ferrari.


        • Reinforced polyurethane frame to aid installation
        • Single layer water-resistant polyester
        • Perfect for dual sport motorcycles and Sport cars
        • Suitable for use in demanding conditions with the presence of mud
        • Innovative polyester material allows for consistent airflow
        • Steel wire mesh with epoxy varnish finish
        • Patented PTFE (Teflon™) treatment creates a water-resistant barrier
        • Optimized filter surface area provides more airflow, more power and more filtration
        • Increased air permeability and filtration efficiency when compared to cotton air filters
        • Airflow: 4,500 l/m2/sec. / Filtration: 37μm
        • Can be cleaned using only compressed air
        • Dry filter, no oil treatments required
        • Direct OEM replacement
        • 1 year warranty

        Cross Reference:

        Part Numbers : P182S

        BMC BMC FB129/03
        K&N K&N 33-2816
        O.E Ferrari 115743
        Ufi Filters Ufi Filters 30.862.00


        This is baseline performance air filter, the Sprint Filter P08, is excellent for street legal use or a fun track day with a modified motorbike.

        Sprint Filter's P08 polyester tissue, the "standard" tissue included in Sprint Filter replacement air filters, had the greatest airflow of any leading brand air filter, including leading brand "racing" filters, according to independent testing conducted by University of Wales Trinity St David. Sprint Filter P08 has a unique polyester filtering medium with a wire diameter of under 70 microns. Its unique weave design can filter particles as fine as 80 microns while having the maximum permeability of any air filter brand on the market (our P08F1-85 excluded). The P08 air filter's enhanced airflow will help you get the most out of your motorbike.

        Sprint Filter was founded in 1952 and has been producing high-performance air filters and intake systems ever since. They collaborate with the greatest fuel system manufacturers and elite teams. Sprint Filter products have been developed since the early 1950s as a result of research and development into innovative filter fabrics and suction mechanisms.

        The universal intakes, which are already the standard in motorsport and have been given the manufacturers' approval to compete in the TCR World Championship and the associated TCR national championships, have also been adopted along with the available filter models (P08, P037, P08F1-85).

        A successful technology is polyester air filters.
        On the one hand, the air filters must guarantee proper airflow, but on the other, they must offer filtering to stop important particles from entering the cylinders. The air filter will perform better when it optimizes these two functions because they are mutually exclusive. Standard cars often have paper filters, however sports cars typically use cotton filters that have been soaked in oil. With the deployment of polyester filter cloth, Sprint Filter advances and renders all prior systems useless.

        The folding during construction, the pressure differential caused during operation, or even maintenance have no effect on the polyester fabric's exceptional permeability and solidity. Contrarily, the cotton filter has a weft that is dependent on the overlap and number of layers employed, and it also has a tendency to deform during the phases mentioned above. As a result, it will be placed in certain regions with high filtration values and other parts with mediocre values.

        Principal characteristics:
        over time, constant filtering and air passage value.
        1) 93.13% of the 100 particles are retained by Sprint Filter polyester filters in terms of efficiency. (P08)
        2) 37 of the particles, or 91.8%. (P037)
        3.9522 percent of the 100 particles. (P08f1-85)
        compared to 76.42% for the four-layer cotton filter.
        To prevent unintended separations between different materials, the support is constructed from a single material.

        METAL MESH
        The P08, P037, and P08F1-85 air filters, which once more distinguish themselves from the competition through the application of cutting-edge technology, go a step forward thanks to this solution. In reality, Sprint Filter is the first business in the world on this market to employ steel mesh with epoxy paint to support the filter membrane after using a polyester filter element. There are various benefits, including the ability to weave a net with larger meshes (the free surface actually increases from 66% to 80%) and to make a filter with greater structural qualities thanks to the wire's strength. The use of steel as opposed to the light alloy results in no weight increase since, in addition to having a wider weave, the wire's diameter is smaller, which more than makes up for the greater specific weight. Last but not least, the aesthetics of the filters have also been improved. The filtering map (orange for P08, white for P037, and black for P08F185) has less polyurethane wire and is much more clearly defined.

        Sprint Filter, the oldest firm in the world in the automobile performance filtering industry, is able to serve every need, from the straightforward replacement sports filter to the original one, thanks to the experience accumulated in more than 65 years of operation.

        Simply remove the Sprint Filter P08 from the airbox, clean it with compressed air, and replace it. There's no need for dirty cleaning, aftermarket cleaners, or oil treatments, saving you time and money!

        Because the P08's polyester material is synthetic, it will not deteriorate or lose structure or performance during the life of your motorcycle if properly cared for.

        You can trust the quality of materials and construction of your Sprint Filter P08 air filter, which has over 65 years of expertise in creating air filters and success at the highest levels of competition. Sprint Filter's P08 polyester tissue, the "standard" road / race tissue found in Sprint Filter replacement air filters, provided the best airflow of any leading brand filter, including leading brand "race" filters, according to independent testing conducted by University of Wales - Trinity St David



        Typical performances Instead of big cotton threads, the Sprint Filter polyester air filters are made up of considerably tiny fibers that are calibrated. The Sprint Filter polyester fabric enables for improved filtration and air permeability thanks to this sort of construction, as demonstrated by testing. It is important to note that the findings obtained with the cotton fabric were not consistent; this is due to the weak structure and mobility of cotton gauze; nonetheless, the following statistics are the most accurate. The data for polyester fabric has remained consistent and exact.

        Premium brand of 4 layers cotton air filter

        Premium brand of 4 layers cotton air filter

        Original Equipment paper air filter

        Sprint Filter P037 air filter


        The polyester filtering element is made out of a thin fabric thread that forms a mesh of several dozen microns, capable of capturing all major particles while maintaining a high air flow rate. Our polyester air filter provides a level of air flow that neither cotton or OEM paper filters can match. Remember the formula: More air equals more power!


        Sprint Filter polyester air filters retain 93.13 percent of 100 particles (Sprint Filter P08 air filter) - 91.8 percent of 37 particles (Sprint Filter P08 air filter) (Sprint Filter P037 air filter) - 95.22 percent of 100 particles (Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter), compared to 76.42 percent for a standard 4-layer oil-soaked cotton air filter

        The Sprint Filter air filter offers reduced air flow disruption due to its homogeneous construction, as well as the distinctive and patented filtering material in single-layer polyester.

          • SKU
          • Weight
            2 lbs
          • Dimensions (L x W x H)
            15 x 10 x 5 in
        • Manufacturer
          Sprint Filter
        • Type
          P08, P08 F1-85 Performance Filter, P037

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