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BrenTuning Engine Calibration/Tuning for 2021+ BMW M1000RR Flash

        BrenTuning Engine Calibration/Tuning for 2021+ BMW M1000RR Flash

        US and European model M1000RR’s have been restricted from the factory with the US models having worse restrictions than it’s European counterpart. Stage 1 was developed to remove these restrictions and unlock your M1000RR’s full potential.


        • Derestricted Throttle
        • Derestricted Exhaust Valve
        • RPM Limiter Raised
        • Better Fueling
        • Heat Management



        • Full-Time Closed Loop (Self-Tuning Feature!)
        • Engine Startup
        • More Derestriction found
        • Ignition
        • Adaptive Map Control
        • Quick Shifter
        • Intake Flaps
        • Launch Control
        • Traction Control
        • Includes Our IAT Extension Kit and Intake Flapper Removal Kit
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        Bren Tuning
        • Manufacturer: Bren Tuning
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        THROTTLE RESTRICTION – In track conditions where you need all the power you can get on demand, having the option to use 100 percent of the throttle is critical. The factory file has "dead areas," which might cause the M1000RR to behave erratically when corner exiting. This means that any acceleration in a straight line suffers as well. These factory constraints are removed, resulting in a smooth and predictable throttle response all the way to redline.

        EXHAUST VALVE – The exhaust valve has two sides to it. It helps by providing back pressure when needed, but it also prevents the 2021+ M1000RR from producing the most power in mid to upper RPM levels. When the valve is closed, the bike is much quieter than when it is open. Because this valve closes so much, even slip-on exhaust sounds practically identical to stock. Because it is gear and RPM dependant, opening this valve for racing purposes allows for some horsepower improvements. Just like the throttle's butterfly valves. Even at high RPMs, lower gears will limit sound and power by 3-5 HP by opening the valve less than 100%. The stock exhaust valve is still used in BT mapping to offer you optimum power, but it is also opened up when you need to achieve peak power increases and get the sound you want.

        RPM LIMITER – The factory-installed RPM limitation is set at 15,100 RPM. We've been experimenting with 15,300 RPM and have found no harmful side effects. The factory setup of the M1000RR really fluctuates RPM from gear to gear, which we haven't seen in BMW before but have seen in Ducati for a long time. In all gears, we set the RPM limitation to 15,300 RPM.

        FUELING – For exhaust gas temperature considerations, the 2021 BMW M1000RR fuelling is rich, but it's overkill. It's also configured to run lean at idle, cruise, and warm up, causing stalling and cold/hot start troubles. The new M1000RR comes standard with 5-wire widebands (exactly as the 2020+ S1000RR) with a closed loop corrective system that allows it to target a certain AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) from idle to redline. It also helps to keep the turtleshell exhaust system cool by being factory rich. However, because it targets real-time fuel adjustments, fuel may be cut for a better performance (think Dynojet PC5 Autotuner but better). Fortunately, the piggyback fuel controller and bespoke dyno tune are no longer available. We configure the M1000RR to aim for a higher AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) in order to boost power while also improving drivability and idling.

        HEAT MANAGEMENT – Let's face it, this bike is a little sweltering. Because of the redesigned exhaust system and idle/cruise AFR mixes, the bike is a formula for riding in the 215+F range and scorching your legs, making it uncomfortable anyplace you're not going 50+MPH. We rectified this problem by including our low fan temp adjustment as a normal baseline feature in this flash, as well as modified cruise mapping that significantly reduced temperatures.


        • 10HP gain in top end RPM
        • 2-4hp from exhaust valve management
        • Cooler riding temps
        • Warm up stalling issue resolved
        • Improved throttle response in all gears
        • Longer and smoother powerband
        • Better exhaust note (as bike is silent stock due to exhaust valve)


        FULL-TIME CLOSED LOOP TUNING. This may be the most significant element in Stage 2, and we are the only ones who can provide it. With the installation of a full OEM wideband system, the M1000RR has followed pace and integrated this new technology, which was first seen on a motorbike with the K67 S1000RR. The new M1000RR can tune itself to a specific lambda value thanks to the newly added widebands and ECU. Based on the wideband data, the M1000RR will continually modify the AFR (air/fuel ratio). With Stage 2, you'll always have a perfect fuel combination.. Elevation, temperature, even exhaust changes with Stage 2 mean NO ADDITIONAL TUNING OR DYNO TIME IS NEEDED additional tuning or dyno time is needed! STAGE 2 MAKES DYNO TUNING A THING OF THE PAST.

        ENGINE STARTUP. The M1000RR appears to struggle with cold and warm starters considerably more than the S1000RR. Our Stage 1 flash mainly addressed the problem, but there were still a few occasions where the bike wouldn't start properly. In Stage 2, we devised an entirely new strategy. If you've experienced our Stage 1 flash, you'll see a difference right away in Stage 2. We've been testing for a few months and have had no problems starting any of the motorcycles.

        MORE RESTRICTIONS REMOVED. There are "soft" and "hard" limitations on the OEM throttle model. At high speeds or high RPMs, the 2020 M1000RR will begin to close the throttle and limit torque on its own, which is known as the soft limits. The top speed governor was removed, and the throttle and torque were not restricted.

        MODIFIED IGNITION FOR PERFORMANCE ON VARIOUS OCTANES.  None of the stock ignition tables were touched in Stage 1. Stage 2 improves the performance and dependability of the ignition tables. There are numerous timing tables for the M1000RR. Depending on the quality of the gasoline, the bike will use more aggressive or less aggressive timing tables (if knock is present).

        MR12 HORSEPOWER AND OTHER 100 OCTANE FUELING MAPS INCLUDED. All it takes is a single flash. The M1000RR can transition between fuels without flashing to a fresh map thanks to its adaptive ECU and OEM wideband sensors. This means you don't have to change maps if you wish to use ordinary 93 pump petrol and then convert to MR12. The adaptive ECU and our Stage 2 flash will automatically adjust for the new fuel and enhance performance. All that is required of the user is to fill up the bike with petrol and ride.

        MODIFIED QUICK SHIFTER TIMES FOR UP/DOWN SHIFTING “KILL” TIMES. 30% faster “kill” times and much smoother shifting for the OEM quick shifter. We made what was already good, even better.

        INTAKE FLAPPERS. We command them open from startup to shutdown. You’ll always get maximum airflow to your engine, and with our optional IAT kit (SEE BELOW) standing start performance in greatly increased.

        LAUNCH CONTROL. Optimized to be more aggressive when you need to get that holeshot.

        TRACTION CONTROL. Even though the sizes are the same, a Dunlop tire has a slightly different wheel radius than a Pirelli tire. The OEM TC has a set value for wheel radiuses, which varies from tire to tire. This is something that must be proper for the track and has a significant impact on how the bike performs. We introduced wheel radius adaption, which adjusts the TC to the size of your tire. (This is a fixed value in the OEM setup that can only be modified using racing tools.)

          • SKU
          • Weight
            2 lbs
          • Dimensions (L x W x H)
            12 x 8 x 6 in
        • Manufacturer
          Bren Tuning
        • Model
          Stage 1 Flash, Stage 2 w/ IAT Relocation Kit, Stage 2 w/ Handheld

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