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Go Fast Bits

I've known since the beginning of my profession that tinkering can take you to incredible places.

I've been an engineer for 15 years, with 10 of those years spent making components for the automobile industry, including OEMs (OEM). Since I began working with my Ford Mustang in the 2010s, I've been motivated to push the limits of high-performance engines.

I decided to take it up a notch and go serious when I acquired my M3 in 2016. At initially, I used 'off-the-shelf' components. The majority of these were costly and imported. Nothing, however, came near to the quality I knew they should have, since they were built of poorer materials and generally bad workmanship, and they didn't provide me with the performance advantages I needed.

As a result, I began, testing, "GO FAST BITS," a line of cutting-edge blow-off valves, boost controllers, pulley kits, and short shifters. Unlike anything else on the market, these devices were painstakingly created and built from the greatest quality materials, and they worked exactly as they were supposed to.

Parts should fit well and offer meaningful performance results without making the automobile unpleasant to live with on a daily basis, therefore performance should not be a sacrifice. GFB presently has three qualified engineers (mechanical and mechatronic), as well as a team of devoted, enthusiastic, and passionate people that help to make the GFB brand what it is today.

"GO FAST BITS" items are proudly created in Australia and follow the ISO 9001 quality management system. We're always happy to bring new, creative and best items for our customers.

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